Happy New Year

Happy New Years (14 hours in advance for all you Western Hemisphere peeps) ! We are currently sitting on our couch with our girl dog and house guest, Coco, another happy & sweet girl dog, watching Planet of the Apes (well I'm blogging, he's watching), drinking spiced apple cider and eating chocolate. The clock strikes 2014 in 2 hours or so, and we're snuggled up on the couch, at home. Are we old or what? ;) Don't you worry though even New Year's Eve, couch sitting folk, know how to get down. We made sure to pick up some bubbly before we got cozy and we'll be sure to greet 2014 with a glass of Prosecco. Mmm. Prosecco. Have you had it? It's delish. Please don't ask me to explain it because all I know is it's white, sparkles like champagne and is way cheaper. The top will even fly off. Score. Enough rambling. This post was only for me to say, have a fantastic New Year's! Enjoy! Celebrate! Have joy! Be thankful for 2013 and look with hope towards 2014! The Lord is good & loves you & has a hope & a future for your 2014! Thank you dearly for all your blog love this past year. I'm so very thankful and blessed for this intra space (internet space=instra space? It works, ya?) & the ways I get to connect with you, Readers, through it. 
Grace & Peace. 
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Rekita Nicole said...

Happy New Year Heather!!!

Stephanie Wilson said...

Happy new year !! I do not post much but I read every blog post !!!

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