More Pictures of Sophie of course :)

Sophie is my sweet baby sister. Yes, you heard right! My baby sister! We are 24 years apart! She's a miracle and such a blessing to our family. She was born January 6th, 2012.

Here's some pictures for you to admire. 
Sleeping happy. This giraffe plays "soothing sounds from nature" (as you can see on the tag), which I think is pretty cool.
Sophie was blessed, even before she was born, with tons and tons of toys and gifts! My mom had tons of great showers.
I love this Noah's Ark penny bank! 
She's so little! 
I also love the animal theme my mom choose. Such a great them for little ones and learning!
My step dad is slightly obsessed with Elvis, so of course Sophie needed some Elvis toys. 
Sophie with her sister, Harley.  Harley is telling Bear to be sweet to Sophie. Bear was very interested in her. He very curiously stared at Sophie all night. 
Eyes open. Content.
She loves her sister.
And her sister loves her!
She looks so much like my step dad in this picture.
Bandit's getting in on the action and checking out Sophie.
Sweet girl!

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