Juliette's Bachelorette Weekend

My best friend Juliette, got married in January, and we were so lucky to be home in time for me to throw her a Bachelorette party.
I feel like I've been dreaming for this day for 10 years.
Since i was in China, and not able to do all the best friend/maid of honor stuff, like try on dresses, and gush over details, and make things,  I really wanted her Bachelorette party to be awesome.
I choose a fun, colorful theme to match Juliette's personality. 
Juliette and I have been best friends for the past 9 years. She knows everything there is to know about me, my heart and how I think. She's my soul sister. I honestly don't know what my life would be without her. 
Juliette is fun, loud and crazy! I thought a dress up theme would be perfect!

I bought the masks in China and ordered the hats of oriental traders.
We made a lingerie dessert menu for Adam. Each lingerie gift we named something food related. The idea is that later Adam gets to choose off of the menu which outfit Juliette wears. 
We did this at my lingerie shower and it was so fun. 
Zachary liked it, too. ;)
Pins for Juliette's Bachelorette sash. Girls wrote dares for her, for our time on 6th street the next night.
Burlap "Bride to Be"
In retrospect, I wish I would have painted the wood frames around the chalkboards.
Chocolate and red velvet cake cake balls.
Juliettte's favorite, sopapilla cheese cake.
Juliette's favorite drinks.
Rainbow layered jello shots.
I bought 20 martini glasses off from Bed, Bath and Beyond for only $60.
I painted the bottoms blue, painted names and polka dots, and added ribbons.
Bride to be.
Juliette and her cousin, Catherine.
Later that night we went to dinner at an awesome Mexican food restaurant in Bryan.
After dinner we played Pin the Macho on the Man

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