Christmas in Texas, in January!

We are beyond blessed to have such amazing families who would want to celebrate Christmas all over again with us! We had 5 amazing Christmases! Complete with deeeelicious food, wonderful family, games, stories and laughter. We are so thankful for our loving family. I think these 5, were the best Christmases yet. :) Thank you guys. We love you. 

The Mosby's

Scratch off Lottery tickets!
Inspecting our cards. We won $12!
Sister Brittany!
You have to look real close, to make sure you didn't miss any possible wins!
Ya!!! Our favorite game!
Awesome books!
Ya! Candy and Spices and a basket full of goodies!

Awesome Korean atlas from Zachary's grandparents.
Momma getting her pearls.
Sweet Abby.

The Forston's
Jeff loves Christmas! He did a great job decorating this beautiful tree and Christmas village!

 Harley liked her pearls!
 Jake behind his longhorn shirt.

 Justin. I asked him at Old Navy if he liked this shirt, before he had opened his gift and after I had already bought it, he told me no. Haha.
 Running shirt.
 Jeff inspecting his new track suit.

 Jake being a good big brother. This was Sophie's first Christmas!
 Momma Cita opening her pearls.
 Zachary was excited about his, "It's a girl!" cigar from Jeff and gift cards.
 Money, money, money. Monnnaay.
 You know. Have to stock up.

 The boys had some fun with this wig.

 Harley had some fun with some pillows.
 Junk in the trunk.
 She also had fun with some eye liner.
 Zachary hurt his finger. :(
Zachary, being super gentle, with his new sister-in-law.

The Canizales'

 Grandma and I. My grandma writes a super encouraging blog, about Jesus, life and faith. You can read it here.
 We filled up our plates!

 Jake and Jared.



 Everyone gathered around to hear our stories. :)

 Justin on the floor.
 Annual family picture.
 Briana and Grady.

 Everybody had to get in the picture with Sophie.


 I love my butterfly wings shirt!

The Donohoe's and Dad.
As always, gorgeous Christmas tree.

Grandpa and Shamus.

Santas Galore!

 My grandma hand sculpts Santas, including this one. You can see them and buy them, here.


Justin on the floor, again, with the cat.
Dad opening his beer kit.

Grandma opening her pearls.
Love this scarf from Nick and Lee!
Grandma liked it, too.

Awesome gifts! Thanks guys!

Family photo.
Taught them how to play Catan! 

We felt very spoiled at all our Christmas parties! Thank you! 

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