Good Friday Service

We've had so many lovely memories the last year but I have rarely blogged about them or even stopped to take it all in. Blogging used to help me do that. Now, it's I'm always behind. Always catching up. Always feeling like I'm drowning in this life that we're living currently. With this cup we've been given. This cup that we're trying to hold with grace but looks more messy than graceful. But yet, in the midst of it all, we've had so many amazing, beautiful memories & moments. Like these pictures capture. Our Good Friday service, that we had all together as a community in the Sunken Gardens at San Gabriel Park. Claire captured the night perfectly. As you can see, poppies were in bloom, friends & family were abundant & all our worship, glory & praise went to our sweet, sweet Father & our Messiah. We worshiped, Zachary shared a bit about the life, death & resurrection of Jesus, we shared communion, and we ended the night with more singing & a candle lighting. It was perfect. Take a look.

 ^My gorgeous, strong mother & my little sister, Sophie. 



 We praise you Lord for such a beautiful night. Thank you our family, friend & church family. Thank you for being our people & helping make this past year a little sweeter
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