Zipling Over Loboc River, The Philippines

While in Bohol last summer we went zip-lining over the Loboc River. It was amazing. It was the kind of zip-lining that the Dauntless do in Divergent, so ya, it was pretty much awesome. And we could totally fit in with the Dauntless. If you're unfamiliar, it's the zip-line style where you lay down so
it seems like you're flying.
We had an easy day planned & heard that the zip lining action was pretty affordable & just down the street from our Inn, so we had the front desk call a tuk-tuk for us. Our tuk-tuk driver was great & told us all about the places we past on the way & even waited for us while we zipped. <Zipped. The new verb pertaining to zip lining. The above was our view,  heading down the road towards our zipping adventure, in case you were curious about our view. ;)
Here we are, on the tuk-tuk! Throwin' up the Asian Deuce. You know how we do.
DSC04466When we got there, we were blown away by the gorgeous views. You guys, these pictures are completely unedited. Not that I ever really edit my pictures anyway (I know, I'm a terrible blogger) but even if I wanted to, I wouldn't have to, because the view was just THAT beautiful & flawless.
There were two choices, to either take a sky lift up & zip line down or to walk up & zip down. We decided to just walk up & zip fly our way down as it was cheaper & we're more for the action & exercise. We made our way up & waited our turn.
The entire group in front of us were Korean so we loved connecting with them over our time in Korea. We also loved hearing their wimpering as they were loaded into their harnesses. Pshhh. Probably Candor or Abnegation. (Okay, for real though, I was starting to freak out a bit the closer it got to our turn & their girl wimpers were what I was feeling inside. I even made Zachary check that all my harnesses were hooked when it was my turn. Better safe than sorry, right?!) DSC04465
These girls were awesome, though. The one on the edge did the superman pose, like so, almost the whole way. So did Zachary, which was precious. DSC04470
Finally, it was our turn!! Check out our view & ride in the video below. 

If you ever have a chance to travel to Bohol make sure you put zip-lining over the Loboc River on your list of things to do!  post signature

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