Christmas Eve Show

On Christmas Eve The Followers had another show at the same Italian restaurant as their second performance, La Contina. This time they performed in style, coordinating their outfits. :) They looked amazing. I especially loved Zachary's suspenders and bow tie, but I might be biased. ;) Musically,  they did a fantastic job again. This night things were especially sounding good as they've added a new band member, Brendon, on the bass. But of course we were still missing Valerio on the ka hone drum. (We miss you Valerio!) I said it the last post but I'll say it again, they just keep getting better and better. It's a joy to watch and listen.
Okay, enough with the pictures, right?! I keep having people ask me to post them actually singing. So, here we go. A short clip of The Follower's Christmas Eve show. It's not the best quality of video but you can have a small sample. :) Enjoy!
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