Fall Baking & Cooking List


Seriously, all of these just look so amazing to me! I can't wait to make them! Zachary's kind of obsessed with Top Pot Starbucks apple fritters, so I think if I could perfect these little bites, I'd be in his favor for always. You know, even more than I am now. ;) I'm excited for the oat meals on chilly fall mornings in the future! Also, the donuts and muffins MUST only be baked when I am taking them to someone else. There is NO WAY those things can sit around my house for days. They wouldn't make it. They look like my favorite kind of pastries! Scones! Why are there no scones on this list?! I must change that. I added a persimmon recipe on here because there are tons of persimmons here in Qingdao every Fall and I've never known what to do with them. I'd also love to make a persimmon pudding or get a persimmon recipe from my Great Aunt. Yes, I should do that. Also, please know, that I will also, most definitely be baking pumpkin chocolate chip bread. But that's a given.

And because we can't eat sweets for every meal & snack of the day (like, who would want to do that anyway? ;)  ), here's 9 soups I'm X to the Cite to the Ed (excited, in case you missed it) about cooking! I'm a sucker for soup. Especially soup you can put in a crock pot which in my world, could be any of these (even if the recipe doesn't permit. I just do my own thang, you know, yo.).

Is it crazy that I'm actually feeling all cozy and saying out loud, "Mmmm" at the sight of some of these soups? Can you tell I'm a sucker for creamy soups and red bell peppers? I would also love to make a Roasted Red Pepper and Gouda bisque. Yum. I love the uniqueness of some of the soups above and can't wait to try them! I challenge myself to bake & cook all of the above!

Self, I'll give you fall AND winter, so no excuses! If Julie Andrews could cook through the entire Joy of Cooking in a year, you can make 18 things in a fall and winter. You can do it!

Pep talks are good. Don't you worry though, I won't need any pep talks to eat any of the above!

What's on your fall baking and cooking list?
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Marju V said...

I loved your list! I'm bookmarking almost everything :) Thanks girl!

The Rachael Way said...

How do you cook here?! I don't have an oven, just a stove, and can't figure out what food to buy. Any tips would be welcome! haha

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