A Chinese Bride

Last weekend, my coworker, Elsie was married to her love, Gracen. Elsie was gorgeous in a high necked, capped sleeved wedding dress. I absolutely loved the lace & neck on this dress. Her dress looked timeless but still didn't lack the Chinese flare, the bling. Most Chinese dresses I have seen include touches of to entire bodices lined with the Chinese bling, large faux diamonds. Elsie's dress had touches of these around her waist, but they added to her classic look, without being too over the top or gaudy. This dress, she so loved, was rented. Most Chinese brides rent their wedding dresses. Wedding dresses are expensive, they're only worn once & they argue that they're too big to keep with such little space in their apartments, so renting is the way to go in China.  It makes sense but I'm not going to lie, I love that I still have my wedding dress & that I was the only bride to wear it & then "not" wear it our wedding night, if you get my drift. ;) In China, renting is normal, so of course they don't mind about any of those things. Elsie's dress also had a bit of a train, which she told me about a few days before. She was super excited about this! Trains are all the rage in China. Have you heard of the Chinese brides competing for the longest train title? They get crazy long & people spend ridiculous amounts of money to add meter after meter to their dresses. One bride just last week broke the record with a 3,000 meter long train (about 3 miles!!!). Elsie's train length was perfect, though. Have a look at this beautiful Chinese bride, Elsie, as she prepares for her big day.
Congratulations Elsie!
Photos by Grand Photography
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Rachel said...

My friends in Malaysia rent their wedding dresses too. Ever practical! Me, I carry my (inexpensive and not fluffy) wedding dress around the world with me because I love it.

Amanda @ Living in Another Language said...

She is beautiful! Love her dress!

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