Zachary's New Toy

For months, maybe years, Zachary has been asking me if he can get a scooter. We've discussed it several times, more than I can count, and we've always settled on, "No, we'll wait." or "Chinese drivers are too crazy!" But my sweet, persistent husband is all boy, and has never given up on his scooter dreams. He wooed me over with this scooter ideas this past Spring, and we decided that in the Philippines we'd rent a scooter for Zachary to have a trial-driving run. Zachary did awesome in Bohol and so I was convinced! Okay, fine, dear, sweet one, let's get you a scooter!
Our bf, CJ, took us out to Li Cun, a district of Qingdao, to look at bikes. Zachary and I had gone before and scoped the bike situation out & check out the prices, so we knew exactly the one we wanted. The one we wanted was the below red beauty. 
We've yet to name her so for now we'll just refer to her as the Red Beauty. :) One of the major arguments Zachary had for getting the scooter was money. We will save tons of money with this scooter. Many of the places we go to are within scooter driving range and will save us at least 40 (around $7)  yuan a day, which is to school and back, and to the grocery store and back. This scooter will also be able to carry us just about any of the places we regularly go to in Qingdao.
While the boys were negotiating a cute 15 year old mechanic put Zachary's battery in, checked all the screws, made sure every thing was on tight, added a license plate & mirrors, and loaded him up with some gas.
 CJ was super excited to be helping, because it meant he got to test it out!
He was almost more excited about the bike than Zachary was. Too cute. 

 Zachary signing the deal on his bike. He got the bike, half a tank of gas, 2 (terrible) helmets & a lock for $430. 
 Zachary and Cj with Big Red!
After Zachary signed & paid for the bike, he followed CJ and I in the car, to the gas station to get a full tank. Good thing we stopped for gas, because as soon as we got under the awning, it started pouring down rain! We had to leave Zachary's bike locked up at the gas station, while we went home and waited for the rain to die down. Thankfully, it finally did, and Zachary & CJ went back to get his scooter and Zachary drove home, to park his new toy in our garage down stairs! Ya!
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