Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year season is coming to an end. Technically, the last day was a few Fridays ago, but the fireworks are still popping, things are still decked with red lanterns (but let's be real, when are they not?) and in general, the Chinese holiday spirit still seems to be lingering around. Which is fun. Holidays are always fun, aren't they? Every one is still happy and cheerful because of the holidays, even though school has started back. Since there's still some cheer around these parts, I'm not totally late on this post. Right? Right!
This year is the year of the horse! Are you a horse? Do you even have any clue what I'm talking about? Ever been to any Chinese restaurants? Like sit down, not take out? I know that sounds ridiculous but I can probably count on one hand how many times I've actually gone and sat down, instead of called in for order. Unless P.F. Chang's counts. Then, I don't have enough hands to count how many times I've been there and want to be there in my life. Delicious! If only Chinese food was actually that good. But I diverge. Where was I? Chinese New Year Animals. Right. When I was little, this one time that we went to a Chinese restaurant, our paper placemats were decorated around the edge with all the Chinese New Year animals and their dates. My brother and I had tons of fun looking up ours and circling them, and everyone else's we knew.
Were you born in 1930? 1942? 1954? 1966? 1978? 1990? 2002? or 2014? WIll you be born in 2026?
Well, if so, congratulations, this year is YOUR year! May it be the best one yet! It only comes every 12 years, so live it up Horses, live it up.
I loved these cute quilted horses! We picked up a few for our tutoring kiddos. It's great here how boys could care less if something is patterned or pink. It makes things a lot easier!
We were a tiny, tiny, minute bit disappointed that we wouldn't be in China for Chinese New Year. The lack of fireworks from 12 am to 6 am and the fact that we were in Thailand eased our disappointment, thankfully. Also, we had a nice treat of running in to a group of Chinese people celebrating with lanterns on the bridge near our hotel!
All trip we pretty much loved listening to Chinese people speaking to each other and then surprising them by speaking Chinese to them. We were also not too fond of having English speakers all around us. We've been living in Asia, few English speaker zone for the past 3 1/2 years, so it was some what of a culture shock to us to suddenly be surrounded by all the Western folk. So, of course, being the Chinese experts that we are (sarcasm...please don't let me mislead you) we spoke in a "secret language" much of the time. Need to talk about the masseuse who is currently massaging you to your husband next to you? Well, use Chinese of course. Baller.
A Chinese lady, who owned a B&B in Chiang Mai, brought out all her guests, who were predominately Chinese, and supplied them with lanterns to celebrate.
We stood around with them, cheering for their lanterns to float up, and laughing with them when their lanterns fell down into the river.
Every time I see these lanterns, I can't help but think of Zachary and I's first time with them at a Korean China town on Chinese New Year. Ours got stuck in an electrical wire and caught fire. Fire trucks were called, police came and ordered for no more lanterns to be sent off. It was great. 
These girls were so excited to let their lantern off! The little one would scream with fear and delight every time they started to let it go.
Whomp, whomp, waaaaahh. Landed in the rivah. That's the British way to say river. In case you didn't catch that. Happy Belated Chinese New Year friends. I hope it was a good one. As in, I hope your 2 weeks ago was good. :)
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How long are you in Thailand? We're headed up to Chang Mai and then over to Bangkok! :)

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