Bangkok to Chiang Mai: Day 5-8

Day 5 in Bangkok we checked out of our hotel and headed for the airport to catch our early morning Thai Airways flight. We wanted one of the earlier flights because we were super eager to check in to our first hotel in Chiang Mai. Ater a short hour flight, we were picked up at the small Chiang Mai airport, free of charge, by Thai Backpackers, a travel agency we booked our flights through. They took us out to our quiet getaway at the Narritaya Resort & Spa.
 Our Villa
We were estatic to finally be at this Resort. It was one of the thing I most looked forward to on our trip to Thailand! Time away in the countryside, private pool villa, quiet and peaceful. We really wanted time away to just soak in and focus on the Lord. The Naritaya proved to be the perfect place! (Don't worry there will be a whole post dedicated to this fabulous resort and our time there!) 
Later that night we made our way to the city to meet Justin and Catherine for dinner and check out the Night Bazzaar & Sunday Walking Street.

Day 6 we took a bike ride around the Chiang Mai country side and soaked in the beautiful scenery.
Day 7 we had a nice run and took some time to volunteer at Care for Dogs, a fantastic organization working to sterilize and rescue dogs in Chiang Mai. (I'll post more on them later!)   
Day 8 we regrettably had to leave the Narattaya to check in to our hotel within Chiang Mai city, Baan ing Ping. On the way we stopped by Tiger Kingdom, where I fell in love with the tigers!
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Currently back in Bangkok  and getting very sad that our time in Thailand is coming to an end! I've already tried to convince Zachary to extend our tickets to no avail. Sigh.
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