While I was Perusing the Underwear Aisle..

I love to walk grocery stores here and just zone out. I don't know why. That sounds extremely lame when I write it down but it's really not so lame when you can stumble upon donkey skin or Hello Kitty toilet paper or really any of those fun China surprises. Although, I dragged Zachary along to E.V.E.R.Y. grocery store in Donying 2 years ago to do it and he still thought it was lame. But that's beside the point.

So, last night after I scored a gajillion shirts for only $1.50, (heck yes! And let me just say Chevron, my first chevron at that, was involved. So it was good. Real good.) I started doing the roam the aisles of a Chinese grocery store and see what you can buy see game. And the underwear aisle did not disappoint.

While, I totally forgot to take pics of the entire aisles of bedazzled A cup bras, (seriously! I can't find any bras here that fit! It's dissappointing I mean, come on, who wouldn't be disappointed if they couldn't purchase a properly fitting bedazzled Mickey mouse bra?!) I stumbled on something even better.
                                                                 Underwear Size: Fat
I guarantee you that this guy has no idea his picture is on the front of a  Chinese brand of underwear. It is 100% possible and probable that this company straight up google searched "fat man" (not me saying it!) and found this picture. I mean check out that terrible 'copy, paste' job, the guys body is covering "underwear." Come to think of it, that really looks like the guy from Jurassic Park. Doesn't it? 
 So, you don't really dig black undies? No need to fear. FatManPants are here.
Ya. That straight up says, "FatMan Pants."  FatMan pants come in a nice grey and red striped or red and blue striped boxer brief selection. But wait! There's more.
'FatMan Pants' also come in a nice panty version, a "FatMan panties" of sorts. Grey and black striped or black and white striped. Go for black guys, it's more slimming. Unless you want that, cough, area to appear larger, then definitely go for the light grey. Guys, if you feel uncomfortable buying underwear with large men on the front, just go for the ones with the wolves.
These underwear for the "fat man's body"will really make you feel at one with nature and part of the pack.

And there you have it folks. A small glimpse into the culture in which we live in, who has no reserves calling 4XL underwear (that are probably more equivalent to an American size 2X) fat man pants. Or calling you "very fat" if you've gained a few lbs, or saying that your clothes are "verrrrrrrrry big". No qualms about it. Just a normal thing to say to your friend here. No big deal. If only they knew they were being big jerks and I want to hit them in the face.


Saxon @ Lets Drink Coffee, Darling said...

Hahaha I love it! I'm right there with you on agreeing that they indeed googled "fat man" for that picture. Oh, I miss China!

Blubtrflygrl said...

Wow. Love how things translate. I also wonder how they view us over there.

chalayn said...

Hahaha :) How could your husband not enjoy looking at this stuff?! ;) And of course, fat white guys on all the packaging.

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