Themeparkin' it up in China

This summer we had the chance to check out FantaWild FunLand with our summer school students in Chengyang, a district of Qingdao. I love Amusement parks in the States and thankfully it was just like any other theme park, except there were no funnel cakes or any of that calorie-filled theme park goodness. Instead there was stand after stand of the same choices- a chicken burger or a fried chicken wrap. It wasn't the worst thing we've had in China but we sure did miss funnel cakes!  It just felt wrong to be at a Theme Park and not see  people holding liter cups in their hands with Superman figurine on top.
I was STOKED when I found out we'd have the opportunity to ride roller coasters and rides that make you dizzy, my favorite! Catherine and Justin (former roommates, bffs)  came with us to FantaWild and Catherine later posted on my love & endurance for all the dizzy rides! Okay. I mean just didn't really post all about me but she mentioned it. So, it's legit. I'm a dizzy rides King. Or queen. Whatever. I love them. I rock them. I'm awesome. ;) 
 Zachary was a good sport and  played with me on the teacups. :) These have always been my favorites!

It's sooo fun to be wild at Fanta Wild. Catherine and I gettin' crazy.
 The theme park had a giant Disney World castle replica. More like a Disney World copy. Shameless.
Us with our students.
It's always easy to get confused or lost in China, especially when there are signs pointing to nowhere or signs with no explanations. 

Some signs are crystal clear, though. ;)
 The flying frisbee is always my favorite! What about you? Do you love it?
Zachary, Helen and Jasmine
             Jasmine and I
Posing with the rabbit for my Chinese Year. The Year of the Rabbit.
Zachary with his Chinese animal, the Year of the Tiger. 

The Swings!

I held on to my IPhone with a death grip to get these photos! Zachary thought I was crazy.

Towards the end of our day, we got lucky and caught a Chinese acrobatic show. We couldn't understand everything, since it was in Chinese, but we think it had something to do with The Monkey King, an extremely popular character in China.

Everyone waiting patiently for the show!

Glimpses from the show
 They were so good but so young! They were so cute waving at us after the show!
It's always vital to have a Sock World shop at an Amusement park. 

We had a great time at FantaWild DreamLand! If you live in or near Qingdao, we highly recommend it!! 

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