Yangtian Mountain

Mike, my student, took me to this mountain. It was a fun journey that started at 6:00am :P
We started the morning off eating at a fancy hotel cafe. I believe that it must be Chinese culture to give your best to your guest. I offered that we should grab something quick to eat on the way. I was told that it would be a 4 hour car drive to the mountain. It turned out to be only 45 minutes.
SO here is some photos to describe our hike up this relatively new tourist attraction from the locals perspective. I hope you enjoy the journey.

Fancy Hotel Cafe. They had some western food there. 

Mike enjoying his cereal, noodle,toast, butter, eggs, bread, juice, coffee, etc.

Sheep we saw crossing the street on the way to the mountain.

Mike, I am thankful for the opportunity to know his family.

Yangtian Mountain

Local Trade and Souvenirs 

"Do you want to eat now? or to go?"

Antique furniture in a brick cottage.

The slide is the best way to go down the mountain. Where was this when we walked Taishan:)

Reminds me of the catachisims

Mikes Parents

What??? Ox Daughter??

Stacking stones bring good fortune and is seen to be a worshipful practice to the buddhist.

Buddhist Temple 3000 years old

Fresh Blackberrys, but not as good as my grandmas.

An interesting cave in the mountain.

Buddha, one form of the buddha

We are lost...I don't understand.

Mike's Parents


SOme delicious pine nuts. We are not really sure what they are.

They bought this for me to eat. I thought it was paper..
Nope, it is a form of bread. 

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