Just a normal walk in April.

You have to be careful where you step in Dongying.

This is a very common mode of transportation in Dongying. This bike wagon seems especially popular among older people. 
You can see these bikes carrying multiple people, babies, stacks of cardboard, dogs, plastic bottles, just about anything. The other day we saw one filled with old school T.V.s and another one filled with old scanners, strategically stacked and tethered.

 It's truly amazing how much stuff they can fit onto bikes and trucks. This is nothing compared to what we have seen. Check out the other one in the background.

No big deal. Just some chickens in an apartment complex. 

 Wait. Who's that? The most beautiful and cutest 4 legged animal in the world? Oh. Ya. That's Chara. :) With her 'lead' on so she doesn't pull us. People give us bad looks or shudder away from her because it looks like a muzzle. She's perfectly happy with it people. It doesn't hurt her at all.

Cutest. And cutest.

 Can you see the lady through the trees? She's riding on the back of one of those wagon/moterbikes, standing, holding a dresser.

 Our school! Nice colors, eh?

 Spring has sprung. Fresh buds.

 Daddy and Chara looking at something in the river. Adorable.

You can't see it from here, but those are pictures of Zachary and I teaching! Justin and Catherine told us they have seen some on other boards through out the neighborhood. Guess we're famous. ;)

The pet shop where Chara stays. And the cool black sign is for the guitar shop. Zachary enjoys playing guitar with the guys that work there.

We always say she looks like a lion. I think this thing is a gargoyle or something. But still. 

 This bus is full of people staring at us. Just normal life as a foreigner in the majority of China. Paparazzi! ;p

 In China to call the police you dial 110.

 A bunch of old men playing games.

 The local key shop.

 Baby clothes hanging to dry.

 The oldest lady ever. Maybe. Look at how many clothes she is wearing. She has the smallest feet ever, too. My friend told me she probably bound her feet. Many woman of her generation saw small feet as beautiful.She talked to us for a long time. We had absolutely no idea what she was saying but she didn't care. She just kept talking.

This little guy looks demon possessed here, but he's not so bad. He's just spent his whole life tied to this air conditioner, on these steps.
We feel so bad for him. His owner owns the shop behind him.
Zachary and I have plotted ways to rescue him or buy him.
Once we thought we saw a man trying to steal him (not to eat him), and we just watched and hoped he would. But he couldn't get the chain un-locked. Poor guy. He's actually pretty cute most of the time.


Carolyn said...

Love these pictures and your narrative. Chara is so adorable --just like mommy and daddy! "The Good Women of China" book that I gave you speaks of the feet binding. Very enlightening book. Thanks for giving us more glimpses of your world. Love you very much. G'ma.

Zachary said...

Thanks for the comment Grandma. We love you and hope to hear from you more.

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