CARES: Painting Party

We have the great privilege of being the CARES team at our apartment Community. Our role is to help foster a sense of community within our apartment. Part of that role is to host two events a month! This has meant that my love of hosting parties and party planning has taken shape at least twice a month for the past year since we just came up on our year anniversary with CARES. I'd love to share some of our past events with you guys in the future but for today, I'l start with our painting party. 
Every month we try to come up with creative, fun events for our residents. We know the favorites and we know the magic word (It's free FOOD!) but we also like to provide a variety for the varying interests of our residents and to keep things fresh. The painting party we held in February was the first "hands on" type event we had and it was a great success! We were able to see the true talent of some of our residents. I mean, check out that Mickey Mouse above!
This adorable couple, Nitesh and Priyanka, planned out some fun paintings for the day! How cute are they?!

We love the opportunity that CARES provides for us to meet our neighbors! We love knowing the people around us. It's a great feeling to know the people you see when you take your dog for a walk in the evenings. It's very special. 
This little pack is our favorite. They are so full of energy! It's so fun to see them running and biking around the apartment.
For every party we host or party ideas we have, I create a Pinterest Board for that party. These boards serve the purpose of being a Mood Board for me! We have a very limited budget and for some events we have limited time to prepare things for it. While we can't do everything I pin, the Pinterest board for each event is very helpful in giving me ideas on how to make things special and personalized. Unfortunately, I don't have photos of the details (I'm the worst at playing hostess and taking pictures!) for this party but we made sure to have colorful decorations and of course, colorful snacks! Here's my "mood board" for our Painting Party.

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