Sophie's a Dancing Queen! // 4-Year Old Dance Recitals

3 to 4 year old dance recitals are kind of hilarious. They're precious but hilarious. Earlier this year Sophie had her Dance Adventures recital and we all went. Parents, grandparents & some siblings, too. She's blessed with a HUGE group of people that freaking adore her. How could we not? See below. ;) We packed in to a small room with about 40 other parents and friends of her class, to watch her small dance class of 8 perform their dances from the semester!
Sophie had dance class once a week for the fall semester and I'm pretty sure the recital was reminisce of her weekly dance classes. (Mostly, kids jumping around doing their own thing to music.) Haha. There were some kids chatting with each other (instead of following the dance teacher). Some doing their own dance, some dutifully trying to follow the dance teacher but getting frustrated when their friends were dancing in their area. Some were just staring at the ground wishing they weren't in front of a huge group of people or running back and forth to their parents, completely oblivious that they were supposed to be putting on a dance show. It was quite a show. But not necessarily because of the dancing. hehe.
(I love her pouty face^) Sophie was full of funny faces and eye rubs (poor girl! Something was going on with her eye that night!) but mostly, she tried to stay focused on dancing. She loves dancing! She'd also occasionally get fixated on one move and keep doing it as the teacher had moved on, which was my favorite. It must be a 4 year old thing as many of the kids did this! It was ridiculously adorable. 

Poor baby! Must have been allergies. The allergens in Texas were terrible this year!

She LOVES the little boy in her dance class. They're good friends and have tons of fun together.

Pure 4-year old bliss! Cheesing it up while dancing. LOVE her!
Aren't their little outfits cute?! The parents provided the leotards, tights and shoes while the dance company tied ribbons in their hair, gave them cute little arm bands & matching tu-tus.

We love you Sophie and are so proud of you and your awesome dance moves! We're beyond thankful to be apart of the little & big moments of your life and praise God for you!

Here's a little video for your viewing delight;

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