Our Co-Workers

This post is long over due. We should introduce you to our coworkers. These are the lovely  people that we teach with at our school in Dongying. 
Matt(far left) is the senior English teacher here at 4th primary school. He has been at this school for three years. He is a great guy. He was a big help to us when we first got here and still is:)

Justin and Catherine (center couple) are the couple that came with us from Korea. We have been friends for over 8 months or so. It has been a great blessing to be their friends. We are glad they are here in China with us. Justin is from Dallas, Texas. Small world! And Catherine is from Cape town, South Africa. They taught in Korea for two years. 

Josh(far right) is also from Canada. He is an accountant that wanted to travel. So, he now finds himself in China teaching English. He is a sharp guy and has really committed himself to leaning Chinese. 

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