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Updated: August 17 2012

What am I thinking about?
  • Seminary: I have been thinking about going back to seminary. I have for a long time that I would not go back to school because I would just study on my own. But to officially be qualified to do the job I believe the Lord might be leading me to do, I would need to have a Masters of Divinity/Theology. So, I am praying that God would provide a way for me to go back to school.
  • Beliefs on Salvation(Soteriology): I have been thinking about God's grace and salvation. There has been a lot of debate as to how it and whom it covers. The most famous debate is between Calvinist and Arminianism. I think that my final thought is that: The God of Heaven and Earth is sovereign over all. He draws his people to Himself. He reconciles them to Himself through His son, Jesus. In the midst of this sovereignty, somehow man has the ability or appearance of making decisions to choose him and reject him. 
  • I love Qingdao: I really love Qingdao. It is really a great city. I feel really comfortable in this city. It is has a really western feel, but China is still very much here as well. I am really excited that God has led us here to spend the next two years as teachers. We are really excited about our job and our new community. 
What am I doing?
  • Greek: What am I doing? I have studied off and on, but am looking forward to seeing up a schedule for my self so that I am committed to my studies.  
  • Guitar: I have really enjoyed song writing. Well, I say that, but really I have only written teo or three songs. But I enjoy singing praises to My Father and Savior. I am looking forward to being able to use my gifts here in Qingdao. I pray that many can give the Lord glory through my music. 
  • Chinese: We got a teacher, but start in a few weeks. We are excited to begin a committed study of the language. My chinese is getting better. I can speak basic conversational. 
  • Reading: My reading has picked up quite a bit this summer. I have read some great books. Check out my "Good Reads" page.
  • Blogging: I love taking pictures with our camera. It has been so much fun. And the blog is a great opportunity for us to really practice taking good pictures. 
What am I feeling?
       I am feeling pretty good this month. This month I have started back to part-time work. It has been nice to still have a few days off a week to spend relaxing and hanging out at coffee shops. I have really enjoyed getting to see Heather rest.

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