The Mosby's

Hey all! Welcome to our blog! 
We're so glad you're here.
We're the Mosbys. 
Zachary and Heather Mosby. 

And our furry child's name is Chara. 
We are from Texas and heart Tex-Mex. 
We were married in December 2008 and are loving every second of being married! 
We love Jesus and following Him in all places and cultures. 
We lived in Korea for a year, in Dongying, China for a year, and are now living in Qingdao, China. 
This blog documents our adventures living abroad, our love for Jesus and our life as we experience it.

We are all about (not always perfectly...:) )
the local church
seeing beauty
having Joy
our dog, Chara
wholeness in Jesus
eating good food
social justice
We long to be humble and loving.
        to love others well.
        to adopt.
        to figure out our finances.
        to live, healed.
        to see beauty and have joy even in the mess.
        to be Thankful.
        to know more of God and how He loves.
If you were here we'd invite you over, and pour you a glass of wine or cup of coffee, and chat the night away. We may even pull out Settlers of Catan or watch The Office, and then I'd probably bake you cookies. Our casa, Su Casa. Or in this case. Our blog, your blog. 
Make yourself at home. We hope you stay awhile. 

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