Harry Potter Murder Mystery: The Suspects

Hey friends! If you know us, you'll know that Zachary and I love Harry Potter. We spent the first year of marriage on the couch, sipping wine, and reading all 7 books aloud to each other. It was awesome and super romantic. We can't wait to read them with our kids one day. The Harry Potter movies are still on a pretty continuous repeat in our house. We each have our favorite, me, The Goblet of Fire, him, The Prisoner of Azkaban, but we love them all. They are feel good, happy movies for us. With our love of Harry Potter, we decided that of course, we needed to have a Harry Potter themed Murder Mystery party. It was awesome and so, so very much fun! I can't wait to share with you guys, through several posts, all the details of it, and where you can print out for FREE (heck, yes!) all that you need to have your own Harry Potter themed murder mystery party! 

Today, let me introduce you to the cast of Characters! The first step in the process of having a murder mystery party is picking a script, assigning characters and sending the invites! I sent each person an invitation to the party and what character they would be playing, with details about their characters thoughts, attitude and quirks. 
As the host, I played Professor McGonagall. My attire included glasses, a stern look, a black velvet hat, and McGonagall's trademark emerald green. 
Zachary played the unamused, shady Professor Snape. His attire included all black, with a black cape, and Snape's trademarked black stringy hair. 
Catherine played Bellatrix Lestrange with crazy hair, dark makeup, black leather and black drapey clothes.
Warren played a remarkably close Gilderoy Lockhart, with his blonde locks and purple cape.
Nicole played Ginny Weasley and made sure to carry Tom Riddle's Diary.
Eric played a brooding Harry Potter, with black dress robes, a Gryffondor scarf and his famous scar.
Rosana played Luna Lovedgood with some fun clothes, a fun head band and kept her long blond hair free.
Angie played a fabulous Rita Skeeter in all green, kitten heels, glasses and a quill.
Trent played Ronald Weasley with a confused look, and loosely fitted dress clothes.
Justin played a dark haired Draco Malfoy with smart clothes and his hair slicked.
Kate played Hermione Granger with a cardigan, white button up, Gryffondor scarf, and of course, a text book.
Abigail played Mundungus Fletcher, a guy. She did a great job playing this shady character by throwing on scarves, a hat and a flannel top. 

There you have it. The list of suspects, a.k.a. our totally awesome friends who went all out and did fantastic jobs playing their characters!

Next up: The Setting. <I am so very excited to post about this! It was, of course, my favorite part! The decorations and ambiance!

Have you ever had a Murder Mystery night? What was your theme? 


Melody said...

This is seriously the coolest thing I've ever heard of - I want to do it!!!

Sybil@PeaceitallTogether said...

Great costumes! I love Harry Potter too!! Can't wait to see the rest...

Chris Cornman said...

SO fun! And the costumes are just great!

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